Selected Discography

1. Cold Blood~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”THRILLER”

                                           (Warner Bros.)
With the Pointer Sisters

2. Buddy Miles~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”BOOGER BEAR”


3. Jesse Colin Young~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”SONG BIRD”

                                           (Warner Bros.)

4. Jesse Colin Young~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”LOVE ON THE WING”

                                           (Warner Bros.)  With Felix Pappalardi

5. Jesse Colin Young~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”AMERICAN DREAMS”


6. Bread & Roses~~~~~~~~~~~”FESTIVAL OF ACOUSTICMUSIC”


The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA with Hoyt Axton, Jackson Browne,
Joan Baez, Tom Paxton, Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens & Pete Seeger

7. Jerry Garcia & David Grisman ~~~~~~”NOT FOR KIDS ONLY”

                                           (Acoustic Disc)

                        Dedicated to Peter’s 5 year old son, Jacob

8. Cold Blood~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”THE BEST OF COLD BLOOD”


                  With Donny Hathaway and The Pointer Sisters



With Jerry Garcia, Willie Nelson, Aaron Neville, Bob Dylan, Bono, Van Morrison
& John Mellencamp

10. Peter Welker~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”PARA PEACHY”

                                         (TAKE ONE)

With Bill Watrous, Steve Smith, Pete Escovedo, Fred Lipsius, & Mark Levine

11. Peter Welker~~~~~~~~~~~”WE’LL BE TOGETHER AGAIN”


With Bill Watrous, Herb Pomeroy, Steve Smith, Fred Lipsius, & Mark Levine

12. Peter Welker~~~~~~~~~~”PARADISE IS AWFULLY NICE”

                                     (33rd St. Records)

Big Band featuring Ernie Watts, Herb Pomeroy, David Grisman, & Steve Smith

13. Norton Buffalo~~~~~~~~~~~~”KING OF THE HIGHWAY”

                                        (BLIND PIG)

With Steve Miller, Elvin Bishop & Merl Saunders

14. Joyce Cooling~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”THIRD WISH”


With Al Jarreau

15. Howard Wales~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”COMPLEX  SIMPLEX”

With Chris Hayes, Mic Gillette & Harvey Mandel

16. Peter Welker~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”DUKE, BILLY & TADD”

                                 (33rd ST. RECORDS)

With Bill Watrous, Fred Lipsius, Ray Pizzi, Mel Martin, Pete Levin and Tony Levin

17. Peter Welker & Jeff Oster ~~~~~~~~~”SHINING HOUR”

                                   (JAZZED MEDIA)

With Pete Levin, Fred Lipsius, Mel Martin and Dave Mathews

18. Peter Welker & Jeff Oster ~~~~~~~~”DETOUR AHEAD”

                                   (JAZZED MEDIA)

With Bill Watrous, Scott Whitfield, Mark Levine, and Jeremy Cohen

19. Deborah Winters~~~~~~~~~~~”LOVERS AFTER ALL”

                                   (JAZZED MEDIA)

With Pete Levin, Scott Whitfield, Dave Mathews, Andrew Speight


Natalie Cole~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(13 Horns)


The Temptations~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(10 Horns)


The Four Tops~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(9 Horns)


Kenny Rogers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(7 Horns)


Narada Michael Walden~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(4 Horns)


Buddy Miles~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(4 Horns)


Van Morrison~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(4 Horns)

   Tom Harrell – Trumpet

   Steve Turre – Trombone

   Jim Rothermel – Saxophones

   Peter Welker - Trumpet

Bob Dylan/David Grisman~~~~~~~~~~~~~(4 Horns)

    Recording Session (Sony)

  “The Music of Jimmie Rodgers – A Tribute”


Smokey Robinson~~~~~~~~~~~~(12 Strings)


Jerry Garcia/David Grisman~~~~~(3 Horns)

    Recording Session (Acoustic Disc)

   “Not For Kids Only”


Norton Buffalo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(4 Horns)

    Recording Session (Blind Pig)

   With Steve Miller

   “King of the Highway”


Howard Wales~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(4 Horns)


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"Dedicated to my son Jacob"

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